Premier League live radio

Listen to the English Premier League radio! Every single match streamed live with English commentary. Works on desktop PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad and Android. Sounds great?

Premier League live radio commentary


Service provided by bet365, one of the world’s leading online gaming groups. Obviously, Premier League audio feeds are a certain way to make their In-Play experience more enticing.

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Register and browse the menu for desired match. Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, name any other Premier League club!

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Premier League radio schedule

28.04.2015 19:45    Hull City vs Liverpool
29.04.2015 19:45    Leicester vs Chelsea
02.05.2015 12:45    Leicester vs Newcastle Utd
02.05.2015 15:00    Aston Villa vs Everton
02.05.2015 15:00    Liverpool vs QPR
02.05.2015 15:00    Sunderland vs Southampton
02.05.2015 15:00    Swansea vs Stoke City
02.05.2015 15:00    West Ham vs Burnley
02.05.2015 17:30    Manchester United vs West Brom
03.05.2015 13:30    Chelsea vs Crystal Palace
03.05.2015 16:00    Tottenham vs Manchester City
04.05.2015 20:00    Hull City vs Arsenal