27.02.2024 09:24:28

Betfair live streaming

One of the most reliable gambling websites BETFAIR offers free live video streams to the members. All streams are in high quality and with English commentary. But note that BETFAIR requires some of its members to have positive balance, nevertheless live streams are always free. So you can deposit ₤5 and after watching your balance will still show ₤5.

Here is step-by-step manual of what you need to do to start watching live football (and not only football, but Horse racing, Tennis, Snooker as well).

1. Click here or on the image below to go to BETFAIR

Betfair live stream guidelines

Website is available in various languages, it is worth checking for availability in your language.

Go to 'All events' drop down box and filter for Football. Now you see the schedule for today or some days.

2. Registration

Click on 'Join now' link add new window will open. Usually this will be their latest promo. Click on Sign up and enter all your details there.

Betfair live stream guidelines

3. Log in

After successful registration, log in to the system, return to video player and choose the game to watch. Enjoy the game!